how do I help my friend

Dear Miss Fortune Cookie,

Background info:

This girl moved into my neighborhood and we became bffs. But then she moved to a different state–this was 4 years ago.

Fast Forward 4 years:

I start messaging her on Facebook and I find out that she has a lot of issues–like her parents are getting divorced, she is being bullied, her friends are leaving her, and she has an eating disorder.
I really want to help her but I have no clue how! Please help!
A Confused Friend
Dear Sarah,
Miss Fortune Cookie says: The best year round temperature is a warm heart and a cool head.
I see your problem. Your friend is having a rough time, but how can you help her from a distance? You can listen to her. Be a sympathetic ear. Remind her of the things you like about her. Remind her that she’s a worthy person.
Still, an eating disorder can be life threatening. I recommend that you involve an adult–a parent, a counselor at school, or another person that you trust.
She is lucky to have such a loyal and caring friend.
Miss Fortune Cookie
fortune cat

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