Mean girls

Dear Miss Fortune Cookie,

I recently transferred to a new middle school and found myself welcomed into the popular clique of girls. At first I felt lucky to be included but now I’m finding that many of the girls are cruel and two faced. I don’t want to be a loner but hanging around with these girls makes me uncomfortable. What do I do?

Miserable in Middle School

Dear Miserable

Miss Fortune Cookie says: If you don’t change direction, you can end up where you’re headed.

I know that sounds inane, but it’s true! If you stay with these girls that make you uncomfortable now, you might become just a little bit cruel and two faced to fit in with them. You should feel comfortable around your friends. They should fit you just as well as your favorite sweatshirt. That’s the whole point.

Now go and find some real friends.

Miss Fortune Cookie
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Love triangle

Dear Miss Fortune Cookie!

I’ve created a bit of a mess for myself. My best friend is a guy. I’m not. And I’m starting to wonder if best friends is enough. But then, being an idiot, I practically shoved him into the arms of his current girlfriend — a controlling wench if there ever was one. She’s not happy that he and I friends; she does everything she can to keep us apart. And he’s not happy either, but he doesn’t want to break up with her because he thinks that I think they should be together. Is that messed up or what!

My Own Worst Enemy

Dear Worst Enemy,

Miss Fortune Cookie says: Once you mount a tiger, it is difficult to get off.

That’s some crazy tiger you’re riding! Don’t despair, though. Even tigers sleep once in a while. I have lied to her friends in the past, and sympathize with your situation. Unfortunately, I have bad news. The only way to get off the tiger is to come clean with your friend-that-could-become-more-than-a-friend.

Patient method: Let him know that you regret setting him up with his current girlfriend WITHOUT putting her down. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait a long time. If they break up, tell him your true feelings.

Brave method: Let him know your true feelings now. Do NOT mention how you feel about his current girlfriend. Warning: he may reject you. (Sorry!)

Miss Fortune Cookie

Letter courtesy of Alamosa Books